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    tout d’abord merci pour les renseignements,
    moi je ne suis pas lauréate de l’Ensao j’ai étudié à la FST (Master ( Bac + 6) de la faculés des sciences et technique à Fès et à Tanger)mais je suis d’Oujda,
    concernant les livres d’anglai j’ai pas mal de livres de vocabulaire grammaire … même un grand livre de TOEFL + son Cd ,et des cours ss format electronique , mais franchement ma kana9rach fihoum, khashom w9ayat
    hamdolah f had lwa9t kolchi kayan f net ghi lli mabghach ya9ra , w raghba hiya kolchi 😯

    merci khouya karim et à bientôt



    Good morning,
    I understand you. And why don’t you try to write some simple sentences, without any extra words like adverbs, adjectives or adverbial phrases. Don’t start with the complex sentences. Suppose that you are at middle school stage, but not in Morocco, just outside this peculiar country, 15 km far from Oujda, toward Est! Or in Europe, and you tell your-self that you are an English learner, as a pupil, only a mere beginner.
    Are you able to teach maintenance and repair topic at EST, for example? Sometime they need for a substitute teacher.
    Did you apply an applicant to do the third cycle in somewhere?

    Peculiar: bizard; mere : simple; Sometime they need for a substitute teacher: prov. remplaçant



    Ok I will try , but not now , you know , I have to do some works with my mother.
    It’s 10:42 am ( yak ma pm ,yak am hiya sbah)

    great , yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees hhhhhhhh,madhakch 3liya , ça fait 3 ans ma9st hatta f na9cha b english…



    Ok salam 3alikoum

    Now I am ready to discuss with you any topic you want. 😛

    you asked me ,if I want to continue my third cycle somewhere ,or my Doctorate (yak hakda), I hope that but frankly , I am not able to …you know my financial situation (visa, Hijab) ,even it’s so hard to find a good professor there with whom I can continue my Doctorate graduate ….

    You are so helpful that’s clear that you love the english langage , you are a teacher or till a student ?? PDT_Armataz_02_30



    salam akhi Abd Karim or chamss2000, I don’t have a personal question , but I want to know if you are a student or …,you know ,it differs when you speak to your teacher ,any way I am a spontaneous girl with everybody.
    👿 😈 But I guess that you have your own project , the eminent project (tbarak lah 3lik)

    you told me about the UJF ,I know it ,even when I had my « maitrise  » I want to access to this university (mais maktabch)…

    « As a moroccan when I want to access to a french university I have to block about 5000 euros on my account  » that’s what I mean by saying  » about my financial situation « 

    😉 I do nothing now,(kanasanna rahma d lah sbhano)may be I will get a job f had lblad inchaelah,hhhhhhhhhhhh, you are making me laugh when you explain to me how can I access to some university, I raspect your opinion and I know what do you want to say by that , but I am satisfied hamdollah ;I have hamdollah my Master degree in industrial engineering , sence 2009, I don’t hope to start my studies from the beginning 🙁 pfffffffffffff ,it was hard for me wallah, between « cité universitaire interanat le loué » 8 years PDT_Armataz_02_06
    Sometimes I think that I choose the wrong way of my life, but hamdollah kolchi maktab
    3assa an takraho chay2an wahouwa khayroun lakom PDT_Armataz_02_30
    Ok chamss2000, it was nice of you to help me to remember this langage , because really I like it.



    Hi, It’s me again today, I am in a public library called Kateb Yacine. So now, I am using my personal lap top. Yes indeed It is not easy to have a will to pursue our study, we are in the almost in the same cituation even I have an opportunity to do something. I guess that your maitrise is in electric engineering field not in mecanic engineering. Deos the industrial engineering exist at the EST? Do you have some idea about “Sciences de la production industrielle” ? Do they have some ressamblance with your studed field? In the past, I was preparing licence “Technologie mécanique”.
    But in France the Master degree is equivalent at 4 year accademic year after Bac.
    I thought that you had a maitrise and had prepared the previous degree called “Master” after having a engineering diploma, it is prepared with a company in one year. It exists in Mohammadia school. It is like a smal 3rth cycle. In France is called now: DRT : dip de recherche technologique. But the new master here, is oncly 5 years after bac. (master 1 = maitrise) two years after Licence (L3)



    ok mtcharfin khouya,

    tbarak lah 3lik la bibliothèque Kateb yacine est vraiment waaa3ra , j’ai vu ceci sur le net,
    how do you know that I have a maitrise in electric engineering 😐
    Maitrise = Bac + 4
    Master = bac +6
    parceque ana f l’ancien système
    and as you say the new master here in Morocco or in france, is only 5 years after bac. (master 1 = maitrise) two years after Licence (L3),and this the new système of education here in Morocco
    You told me about the “Sciences de la production industrielle” , I don’t know what these sciences include as « modules « , I can help you in electrical sciences or industrial sciences (système qulité ,la maintenance la production…)
    if you want I can even send to you (les cours de ceux_ci), l3ilm f sabil lah.
    can I say that you have a hard luck to be in this library , tbaaraklah machaelah
    ok akhi nice to meet you . 😉



    Hello friend,
    Thank you so match. Yes It is, but it is only a general library, even we find some specific scientific and technical books. The are an interesting things like discotheque, we can lend a CD, or general books like cooking, and local for Multimedia (3 free hours weekly) . Students and youth generally come for their homework, specially when University libraries are closed, e.g. Saturday pm. But there are many readers coming for magazines..But if you see the library of upmf (low and literature) you will be really surprised, it is like pentagon of USA by seeing it outside! A hide building. Both it and that for sciences are classified as National monuments.
    Just by guessing, I though that you are in EEA field or engineering industrial if it exist as “second cycle”. Generally, girls don’t like mechanical engineering! Do they?
    Before, there was a maitrise called EEA, with 3 or even 4 options: Electronique et micro-ondes; Electrothechinque et Elec de puiss. ; Automatique and Info Indus. And finally, in Paris for example réseaux et Telecoms. But all of theses options start only in the second part of maîtrise. Even there jointedly was a Licence génie électrical, but this sounds like prematurely specialised in strong power field.
    « You can help me in electrical engineering or industrial one« . Very nice of you. In fact, I have any idea about sciences in connection with companie’s field, like maintenance, management of projects, qualities, and even production management, which is largely taught in many industrial cursus, Whether at university or engineering school. Francly, now I am more interested with scientific and technical English literature. You have to know, time to time, I discover some public French cursus with English language taught! I have any will to read some thing in French language. This is way people learn Scientific and Technical English, or business English, 2 hours weekly at any higher education. Theses are called ESP e.g. English for Specific Purpose. This will be as the next time conversation!



    ahlan wasahlan

    I hope that you are fine.
    Yes it derves to be a National monument.
    yes I have a « maitrise on IEEA » , even my cursus in high shool is electronic ,you say that generally, girls don’t like mechanical engineering ,yes it is ,but may be I am a specific case of girl hhhhh Super woman .

    Ok I am ready to help you in electrical engineering or the industrial one,inchaelah , but tell me exactly what do you want OK?
    you called this ESP ???? that’s the first time to hear this new word ESP!!! 🙄 😉



    salam 3alikoum
    désolée pour le retard
    oui pour le centre américain vs m’avez dit la derniere fois fin ja mais mazal mamchit hhh
    c’est très bien vs aussi vs avez un bac technique , mais malheureusement ici au Maroc 9lil lli kayfhamlo 🙁
    Je sens que vs avez beaucoup de choses à dire même vous voulez faire bp de choses tbaraklah 3lik, c’est bien de profiter de tout moment lorsqu’on a la chance de profiter .

    concernant le cours de la gestion de la production je vous ai trouvé un cours important dont voilà le lien
    malheureusementvs n’etes pas sur oujda j’ai pas mal de document na9dar ndawashoum l khouya hania.
    le probleme c’est que je ne peux pas entrer en conversation détaillé pour discuter avec vous la production , peut etre lhaja lli b9it 3A9la 3liha hiya la maintenance et la GMAO hit j’avais mon PFE sur ceci
    et concernant l’instrumentation et la’acquisition des données et ben je vous conseille de travailer avec le fameux LABVIEW
    vs faite le chemin inverse commencer à faire des shèma avec , et ce le logiciel qui va vs aider avec son help , vs pouvez même vs servir avec ce site
    il ya encore plus ghi na3raf chnou bghiti b dabt
    ok , Bon courage 😀 😉



    Hello mimi,
    It doesn’t matter, not all.
    I think you very much indeed for the courses. Do you know what this latest phrase mean (think you very much indeed)? Even American students don’t know! It is true however. This is a special BBC Word Service expression, it means in French:’Merci mille fois’. However, the word indeed means, in French, ‘en effet’!
    By way, why people don’t know the specialized Baccalaureate, in Oujda? You should tell them, that one time, a student prepossessing an Electronic baccalaureate, and the same time, he set for the mathematics science Bac. and he finally got it, then he was rewarded by the Prefect of Oujda! Yes it was. You can guess how very difficult was their mathematical schedule, whether analysis or geometry which was pure algebra in 3D! The tree books are like a Bibles. But in fact, the technical Bacc. in France are not considered because, basically it drives students right up BTS. Beside, do you happen to know that the EST is foremost made for repeater freshman students which are in academic failure. But don’t tell this at any person, otherwise all people won’t appreciate this sentiment. Specially all heads of Oujda companies! Because it is these latest that finance EST’s, in general!

    <span style="font-size:85]phrase%; »>;rewarded: récompsé freshman : Etud. 1ere année; right up : directement; foremost: avant tout; foremost: propos[/size]




    I think you very much indeed for the courses = merci infiniment 😯 PDT_Armataz_02_03 zwina had lma3louma
    as you said  » the EST is foremost made for repeater freshman students which are in academic failure,  » I know that , unfortunately ;yes it is . I don’t tell this at any person don’t worry PDT_Armataz_02_02 ,
    ,I am sorry , I do not talk much ,mais tla9t yadi b l’anglai tfakart bazaf dyal lahwayaj , lah yjazik bikhir 😕



    Hi Mimi, (this a some works for people who have the Arabic keyboard and write in dialect Arabic with Latin letters)

    First of all, I must tell you that I hate seeing this kind of writing : lskd3f lisi7nd lsk4js lskdndj ha3huj klsj jk9hse.. and so on. No need to explain to you the reason. Personally, I have a pain to decipher this « Charabia ». I have any respect to those who can or have the skill to write weather in Arabic, English, French.. and use this way of writing. Some years ago, I did not want to do any effort to familiarized myself with that signs of a social inferiority , idleness, laziness. Not only it is difficult to decipher, but I see this way as the denigration of our Arabic language. I am a not fierce Arabic lover, not at all.
    The phenomena becomes very spread , harmful, harassing for Arabic and, more than that students, scholars, the literate people use this. Regression and decline : future worlds that qualify the Maghrebian Arabic personally. Ok, I admit that in the beginning of the Web, there was a problem of writing in Arabic text, but not today. The Arabic language have just overcame even French language, as far as the number of written texts are concerned.
    Before, in ours childhood when we had to write a letter, when our illiterate relatives ask us, we were shy to write in dialect Arabic, instantly we hade to make some effort to do the duty. Todays, teachers, students …are doing this stupid way of writing without any scruple. What a shame!
    Personally, I always have admit only written worlds when people were instantaneous chat, but I think the time where someone have to write a paragraph or even a half of a line, it is the standard language which is to be used. Isn’t it Mimi?
    and do on: et ainsi de suite; I hate seeing (grammare) + V-ing; No need to: inutile de..idleness, laziness: paresse;
    as: comme; fierce (sens fig.): féroce; spread: répandu; harmful: nuisible; future : caractersitique, aspect, nature
    as far as … are concerned (Gram.) en e qui conserne…; had to: étions obligé de…; relatives: les proches, famille; childhood: enfance; shy : timide (ici géné de..); duty: devoir; way : façon de..
    What a shame! (phrase): Quel domage! ; which is to be …qui doit être



    wllah mafhamt walo je n’ai rien compris de ce que vs voulez dire , yak makatahdar 3liya 🙁
    j’espere que vous allez eclaircir encore votre idée pq jj’ai pas compris 🙄



    Ok Miss Mimi,
    I will tray to enhance and better work the previous text so as to make clear the main his idea, by adding some basic techniques, for both writing and chiefly structuring texts and paragraphs : Links or transition words and words for changing ideas. You will obviously take advantage of theses tools.

    By adding some specific words that give the text some remarkable features, namely those are related, not with literature side like style – Just because I am not a student in English, but this, don’t justify this reason of course- but those that are in connection with syntax and logic structure. Some of them are among sentence’s English grammar; and others that you are probably already have known and automatically used, but you had never asked your self of their importance or of distinctive features.

    The first ones deal with paragraphs, they are any thing to do with sentence’s concerns. They are undoubtedly taking a central stage in the paragraph itself. Linkers or connectors are around the leading idea in such paragraph unit. Except for thoses are related with sentence unit, they link the logical connection between sentences.

    The second ones are the technique of the change of paragraph in question. They are in relation with the change of idea, e.g. the way to go from one paragraph to the next one. In others word, they act as highway or motors sings to switch between directions of cities.

    In summary, both of transition words and expressions that make jump the writer from paragraph to the others, have any thing to do with the content of paragraphs. They are extremely useful tools for structuring texts and paragraphs.

    Enhance: améliorer; so as to: pour que; Further more: encore plus; main: principale; any thing to do : rien à voir avec; tools: outils; namely: à savoir; it is likely to: c’est très probable; concerns: problems; deal with: concerner, s’occuper de.
    take the central stage: occuper une place centrale. leading idea: l’idée directrices.
    the highway or motors sings: les panneaux d’autoroute.

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