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    جمل مفيدة في الإنجليزية

    101 USEFUL ENGLISH PHRASES : http://www.patsula.com/sookmyung/101.htm#index



    السلام عليكم

    Reading Comprehension – Arab Uprisings


    Awakening: the start of a feeling or awareness in a person (awareness :الضمير)
    Uprising: a revolt or rebellion – to rise, Scientific English
    sparked ; to spark: If something sparks, sparks of fire or light come from it. Scientific English
    occurred : ظهر
    ill treatment: cruel treatment
    wave: موجة Scientific English
    unrest: If there is unrest in a particular place or society, people are expressing anger and dissatisfaction about something, often by demonstrating or rioting- شغب اجتماعي
    struck: إضراب – مظاهرة
    overthrow: to ~ : انقلب Scientific English
    NATO stikes: عصي الناتو
    turmoil: انقلاب
    crackdow :اصلاحات جذرية
    day of rage:يوم الغضب
    noon prayers:صلاة الظهر
    trigger to ~: action that sets a course of motion: Scientific English



    Hello English learners!
    (from Oujdacity, Debat forum)


    starvation: famine; fasting: jeûne; harmful: nuisible; drugs: médicaments; to be sensitized to sth.: être sensibisé à qch; oncogene-like: the formation of a tumour; stress: special significance attached to something; effective: efficase, (n. effectiveness); malignant (tumor, disease): malin; breast: sein;
    wide range: large portée;

    Grammar (Scientific English)

    alike : adj. possessing the same or similar characteristics, (syn. analogous, corresponding, duplicate, equal, equivalent, even, identical, parallel, resembling, similar, the same, uniform.)
    adv. in the same or a similar manner, way, or degree.

    melanoma : (Med.) malignant tumour composed of melanocytes, occurring esp. in the skin (la peau), often as a result of excessive exposure to sunlight.
    Glioma (Med.) tumour of the brain.
     Neuroblastoma:n. an embryonic nerve cell




    General science language.

    Materials scientists develop and test new materials that do certain jobs better than existing materials. Their making could be easier or cheaper to be done.
    Scientists use their know-how of how molecules form to combine atoms in new ways. They also apply heat and pressure to existing materials to create materials with new properties. They can even create materials with samart properties that respond to their environment.
    making: réalisation, fabrication; samart: intelligent

    In freezing conditions, climbers need clothes that are extremely warm and lightweight, so they can move easily.

    climbers: les grimpeurs; lightweight: léger.

    This sort of computer is made from a fabric that conducts electricity. The fabric, called ElekTex™, contains fibres that have a thin coating of silver or copper – these metals are good electrical conductors. Microchips woven into the fabric translate the electrical impulses from the fibres into digital data, which can be viewed on the computer’s screen.

    Fabric: basic structure, thin: fine or narrow, coating: couche, impulses: impulsions
    silver, copper: argent, cuivre; Microchips: puce;

    Prototype mobile phones made from ElekTex™ are lightweight and water-resistant. They can also be folded up and crumpled without breaking. These properties make them a lot more hard-wearing than traditional mobile phones.

    Water-resistant: impérméable; folded up: plié, crumpled: froissé; Hard-wearing: résistant



    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله

    إليكم رابط من أجل إختباركم في اللغة الانجليزية مثل ما يفعله الفرنسيون

    😥 لقد درست هذه اللغة على عمر متأخر (30 عاما) وقد حزت في هذا التمرين على 15،8

    لكن كل هذا ما يتعلق إلا بكقاءة النحو، وليس كاف في التمكن في إمتلاك لغة ما.


    كل شيء ممكن إذا كان هناك طموحا



    knowledge doesnt have plural form.

    And one question: which moovies are better to see to master listening skill. I mean moovies with good, clear english and not very long dialogs. I heard Matrix is good. Anything else?

6 sujets de 61 à 66 (sur un total de 66)

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