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    I am writing to you from Sweden.
    My mother is Swedish and my father is from Oujda.
    He says that his great-grandfather was from Figuig.
    My great grandfathers name would be Sidi Boumedien Kerkour
    and he was from a place my father calls oulad jrir Sydom?

    Does anyone have any information on where this place is?
    And do anyone know anything about this man Sidi Boumedien Kerkour
    I am searching my roots and I have a complicated family history

    I would be extremly thankfull for any help at // Aida


    Hello to all Moroccans in Sweden

    I wish that you’re going to spend a great Moments with us

    and here we are all a big family from Oujda;Berkane ; Nador; Figuig …

    and I’m really very sorry that I haven’t any Information for your question.
    But I have one family how lives in Figuig and I’m going to ask them nchallah

    Welcome again


    thank you for your response..
    Well it is not easy i know. Bur I heard my great grandfather was a prominent man off big statue for the tribal creation of oujda .

    I also have roots from thelemcen from my grandmother her name was ammaria brixi and her fathers name was Molay driss Khabzaoui.

    Somehow it is all connected to an ancient background with strings back to fatima the daughter of the prophet so I have heard. I really will investigate since it is peaces off a puzzel that I even have strange dreams about. Thank you for helping me in this quest.
    My grandest and warmest wishes to you and my ancient « home » in the Oriental of my old homecountry.
    May God the great Allah and his Prophet Mohammed hear your own praires and help all of you in your lifes// Your devoted new foreign familymember of the great anticque morroco that formed all excellent lines of pure values and traditonal ways// Aida


    Thaank you a lot for your words

    And I hope you are going to find your roots.

    I hope you’re going to enjoy here with all members.


    hello, For  » oulad jrir » their origin exactly ‘ is l’ Algeria today there are many families oulad jrir which live at city called : bouarfa very near to oujda, and exactly ‘ street marrakeche’
    gd luck




    Il semble qu’elle n’ai plus visité le forum depuis juin 2008 essai de la contacter par email : am.kallstrom@glocalnet.net

    si c’est bien la personne que tu cherches 🙂

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